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We provide financial solutions for all of your needs whether you are employed, retired or a small business owner.We use a seven step approach to ensure your financial freedom.The process is as follows:

  1. Identify goals  
  2. Identify current personal financial position  
  3. Devise a plan  
  4. Review the plan with you  
  5. Implement revised plan  
  6. Monitor progress  
  7. Make adjustments along the way 

Specifically, we are able to offer you:


Financial & Estate Planning
We listen to what your needs and goals are. A plan begins with a mutual understanding how to achieve your goals and we help you meet your needs and goals. A plan begins with a decision to start! Let us show you how to achieve Financial Independence.  


Personal Tax Planning
To minimize or defer income taxes payable, one requires a thorough understanding of Canada’s Income Tax Act. We have over 30 years experience in this field.  


Registered Retirement Savings Plans (also Group RRSP) 

The Government is not going to fill your retirement basket! You are with Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP), Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIF), Guaranted Annuities, Individual Pension Plans (IPP’s…for business owners). Take advantage of tax savings and tax deferred growth on your investments. 


Tax-Saving Investment Plans 

Let us show you how you can save taxes and benefit from tax efficient investments with your Corporation or Business. How we can help you plan and solve these problems of taxation in the corporation or business. 


Charitable Giving Plans 

Learn how you can save taxes and leave a legacy to your favourite charity, help organizations you respect. 


Segregated Funds 

An investment in Segregated Funds can be Creditor Protected and your money can be Guaranteed. If the markets go down, your initial investment will not. 


Children’s Education Savings Plans 

Universities and Colleges are expensive and getting more so every year. 

Have you an RESP for your children or grandchildren in place? Enquire about how the Government gives you 20% free money! 


Funding For Buy-Sell Business Partnership/Shareholder Agreements  

Part of the shareholders’ agreement provides conditions for the sale of shares. What are the benefits of this agreement? How can you fund the Agreement? 

(Criss-Cross Method / Promissory Note Method /CorporateRedemption Method) 


Wills and Powers of Attorney Planning(in conjunction with a lawyer)  

Does the business in its current structure and method of operation meet your needs and expectations for the future? If not what would you like to see in place or changed?  Is your will up to date? Do you have a will? Who will handle your wishes and your financial affairs, should you be incapacitated? 


Life Insurance 

What are the needs of your family and yourself?  What are the needs of your business?  Life insurance is a vital tool and we can help by tailoring a plan according to your requirements. 


Disability Income Protection (Return of Premium) 

In case you will become disabled, how will your Business and your family cope? Most self-employed people realize that in the case of a disabling accident or sickness they run the risk of placing their Business or Family in serious financial stress. Most of us don’t have the time to research for a solution to fit our needs. We can do that for you. A well designed disability protection plan replaces your income should you be unable to work due to sickness or accident. 


In case, you never process a claim you can have Return of Premiums. Like money in the bank, what you paid will be returned to you if that is what you choose. 


Group Benefit Plans 

Group Plans are available for as few as 3 employees.  This can include the owner and partner(s). Members covered for medical and dental expenses, drugs and prescriptions, short term and long term disability, living benefits and Life Insurance. 


Critical Illness ( Return of Premium) and Long Term Care Insurance 

Critical Illness protection for individuals, families and business owners 


Diagnosis of a critical illness can create financial and emotional strain on anyone and their families, even a business. It is difficult to predict who might be affected, but with a well-crafted financial plan, which includes critical illness insurance, you and your loved ones can be protected from the unexpected costs. 


Business Succession Planning 

It is never too early to think of Business Succession. Not only will it giver you peace of mind, but can also inspire your family and employees.  We can help you through this very important process, if you do not have a plan in place. 


What are your succession goals? How are your personal finances secured? How are your family finances secured?  How is the long term viability of your Business secured?  Have the tax issues on the personal and corporate/business level been considered?